Academic Department of Computer Systems

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For the Computer Systems Department it is very important and gratifying for our students to reach the top of their bachelor's studies, since obtaining a professional degree represents the culmination of a long road of effort, study and dedication. In many occasions, having the professional degree opens doors to obtain better positions either in public or private organizations, or to obtain a management position you need to have something that supports your knowledge obtained in the race, that is, the degree and professional license, therefore your remuneration will be increasing, since your academic status change from intern to graduate and / or engineer, in addition to this the personal satisfaction of obtaining the academic degree is also important because in certain universities is a requirement for admission to graduate studies.

"Best of luck on this final work and don't give up if for some reason you can't get it done right away, it's never too late to start."

Degree information

Modalidades de titulación:
The degree may be obtained without taking the professional examination when the student:
  • Have completed the entire study of a master's degree, or
  • Has obtained a degree in a specialty, or
  • Has obtained an overall average of 90, has completed his or her studies within the established time frame and has not presented any extraordinary. o
  • Has obtained an overall average higher than 90, has completed the studies within the time established in the study plan and has not presented more than two extraordinary exams. In this option, the request must be approved by the Academic Council of the Area, or
  • Has taken and passed the EGEL general bachelor's degree graduation exam administered by the CENEVAL and in accordance with the score of